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Online Booking for phone or video appointments only

To book an appointment online, please click on the button below.  Your username is your personal health number which is on your care card. Your password is your surname all in lowercase letters, up to 8 letters in length. Hyphens and spaces are omitted. If you are booking your child's appointment, please book under their care card as username, and surname as password as above.  If you experience any difficulty with online booking, please call the clinic for assistance.

Only phone or video appointments are able to be booked online. To book an in-person appointment, please call the office at 250-338-2182


If you have difficulty booking online, please call the office to book an appointment and to let us know if you have difficulty with online booking.

Booking a Phone/Video Appointment

Our doctors are pleased to offer our patients convenient telephone or video appointments during regular office hours. Please either phone or use our new booking tool Accession to book your appointment. Video consultations are powered by, a company that is committed to complete privacy and confidentiality between physicians and their patients. We are unable to do video consults over Facetime, Skype or any other platform for confidentiality reasons. 

Our regular no show fee  applies to missed phone or video appointments. If you have scheduled a phone appointment please ensure we have the correct number at which to reach you. Please ensure your phone is not on silent. Please prepare for your appointment by being in a private spot, with good cellular service, and prepared with medications you need renewed, or any home monitoring you have done in advance of your appointment. We physicians are finding that several times per day patients miss appointments due to not hearing their phone or having poor reception.

If you have scheduled a video appointment and are having trouble logging in on your browser, please call the clinic for assistance at the time of the appointment.

Similar to in-person visits at the clinic, physicians can run behind helping other patients, please be patient if you have to wait a few minutes for your virtual visit. If you are waiting for longer than 25 minutes please feel free to call the clinic where are staff will be happy to let you know your approximate wait time or if you would like to reschedule. 

Check-in below for video appointments. Links for video appointments will no longer be emailed to you.

Please note that not all visits are well suited for a virtual appointment. Our staff,  in conjunction with your physician, will schedule in-person visits for: concerns requiring a physical examination; drivers medicals, prenatal care; newborn and well child examinations; and emergencies or serious health concerns

Virtual Check-In for Video Appointments:

Dr. Nancy McFadden

Dr. André Brais

Dr. Michelle Rasiah

Dr. Rachel McKenzie

Locum or Resident

Click here if you have an appointment with a locum or a resident other than Dr. Rasiah.

Before your Video Appointment:

1. Test your connection, camera and microphone

2. Go to our Website

3. Click on the Phone/Video appointment tab

4. Click on your doctor's link (below) 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

5. Enter your name and click "Check In"

Your Doctor will be with you shortly! 

Note: If you can't hear your doctor, please ensure your VOLUME is turned up to an appropriate level. If you have any difficulties connecting, please call our staff at 250-338-2182

Making the most of your Phone/Video visit:

For information about how to make the most out of your Telehealth visit click on the following button:

Consent to Provide Telehealth

Please read, sign and submit this consent for electronic communication prior to your phone or video appointment. Please email to: or fax to 250-703-1431 or mail to the clinic at 519G-5th street, Courtenay, V9N 1K2.

Please DO NOT email any personal/medical information due to confidentiality concerns. Please note that this email address is NOT regularly monitored. If you are unable to complete the electronic consent, please contact the clinic by telephone at 250-338-2182 for assistance.

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