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Laboratory Tests

Lab Access:


There are two labs available in Courtenay/Comox:

Island Health at the CV Hospital and Lifelabs at 17th and Cliffe. 

To book appointments:

1. Lifelabs has an online booking system which can be accessed here.

2. CVH Lab online booking can be accessed here.

Virtual Waiting Rooms: 

1. Lifelabs has a virtual waiting room through their Waitwhile app

2. CVH hospital virtual waiting room  can be accessed by texting JOIN FIRST LAST NAME to 1-833-682-8536

 For Island Health Labs virtual waiting room and booking appointments please review this information sheet. 

NB. St Joseph's lab remains closed and the 14th street lab is now also closed.


You can view your own results either on My Health (Island Health) or My Care Compass (Lifelabs). We make every effort to apprise you of your results. by telephone.  However, if your personal information is not up to date we cannot contact you. Therefore, please verify your contact information each and every time you book an appointment, but most particularly if you move or your contact information for yourself and your children has changed. 

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