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Dr. André Brais, Physician

My family and I moved to the Comox Valley 5 years ago and have made it our home. The endless outdoor opportunities have kept us engaged in the community. Outside of my practice I enjoy skiing, mountain biking and spending time with my wife and daughter.

Family medicine is both challenging and rewarding; inherently it comes with plenty of somber moments. Maternity care is an amazing contrast that brings a lot of joy to my practice. Sharing the journey of pregnancy and childbirth with families is extremely rewarding.

Dr. Nancy McFadden, Physician

Dr. Michelle Rasaiah, Family Practice Resident

I'm currently a second year resident, training to become a family physician with UBC. I'm fortunate to have preceptors at this clinic who both challenge and encourage me on my medical journey.  I relocated from Toronto to the Valley for my residency and intend to continue my future practise in BC. The trails and open waters certainly helped make this decision :)

Dr. Rachel McKenzie, Physician

Dr. Janet Green, Physician

Savannah, MOA

Janine, MOA

Doctor, healthcare

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