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Covid 19 Information

The best source of up to date information on COVID19 in British Columbia is the BC Center for Disease Control (BCCDC). The COVID19 Dashboard provides the latest data on COVID19 cases in British Columbia. Information is provided on total number of cases, hospitalizations, deaths, and other COVID19 statistics for British Columbia. British Columbia's Ministry of Health has released a new COVID19 app for information and alerts on the COVID19 pandemic.

If you are feeling lonely and/or isolated as a result of the pandemic, please call 211 for phone support. BC offers a phone service to provide non-medical information about COVID19, including the latest information on physical distancing, masks and travel restrictions. Information is available in more than 110 languages at 1-888-COVID19 (1-888-268-4319) or via text message at 1-888-28-4319.

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